What is Technology Uncorked

Technology Uncorked is a community of innovators, developers, dreamers and creators. We believe that technology gives power in your hands to innovate and change the way the world lives, interacts and responds. We would like to transform millions of dreams of creating a new piece of gizmo, gadget or toy and help bring them into existence in the world.

Our team at Technology Uncorked spent four years personally interacting with over ten thousand technology students across India through innovation-centric skill programs to understand how their minds work, how they perceive innovation, their dreams, aspirations, and angst.

In some of the most unexpected corners of the country, we discovered people both young and old, relentlessly pursuing technology solutions for causes they believe in, with a non-existent support system.

As a natural transition to that learning, Technology Uncorked team has built an Online eco-system which connects young minds with experienced and offers them resources to help them bring technology ideas to life.

We build a lot of projects with our in-house innovators, internally too. We also sponsor projects we identify with. Part of our team is dedicated to augmenting the Technology Uncorked Online eco-system and its offerings.

Here are excerpts from stories of a couple of dreamers who will remain etched on our minds forever:

Aston Martin – VANQUISH – the car which had the power to vanish or become invisible in the Bond Movie DIE ANOTHER DAY. I was truly smitten by this amazing piece of technology and automobile marvel. I aspire to someday have the ability to create a piece of automobile which can transform life – not mine but for this young man who comes to the park where I play football, each day. With both his legs polio-afflicted, he can barely walk and is always dependent on others to move around.

The mobility contraptions available are slow, ugly, crude, bulky and earn him pitiable stares which just do not do anything for his confidence. I aspire to design an automobile which can give him an ASTON MARTIN like experience, as he slides in the seat and drives away alone on long road trips, guiding the car with his perfectly able hands, delivering flowers to bring smile to dozens of people around. A beautiful beast of a car for this young man at a price that he can afford, is my dream product.

– Ravi (a 3rd Year Engg. Student in Bangalore)

I have a dream – to become a moving beacon of light – to transform a silent, dark village to an oasis filled with squeals of laughter as the young and old discover joys of knowing and discovering the world outside.

I want them to wait eagerly for the sound of Shamsuddin’s truck entering their village – a moving beacon of light in the darkness.I aspire to create a gadget which converts the motion of my truck to electrical energy and stores it into batteries through which I can light up my mobile library.

– Shamsuddin (a Truck Driver from Kerala)