TUlumen Smart Solar Street LED Light with Intelligent Daylight Tracking(36W)

Product Code: TUSMARTST36

Key Features

  1.  Completely Off-Grid design with easy installation
  2. IP65 Compliant Aluminum and glass housing
  3. Easy to install dustproof and waterproof enclosure.
  4. Uses high bright, energy efficient LEDs
  5.  Works on solar energy which makes it energy efficien
  6. Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn operation.
  7.  Electrical Specification: 12V/36W
  8.  Recommended solar panel& battery: 12V/40W, 24Ah battery(not included, check other listing)
  9.  Excellent daylight sensitivity detection and stable operation
  10.  Manual operation not required, automatic daylight sensing feature.
  11. Lighting fixture for smart streets, highways, commercial and retail premises, parks and public spaces.

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Smart Solar Street LED lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable choice for cities of today and the future.The fixture is IP65 compliant with Aluminum and glass housing and uses high bright LEDs. The add-on “Intelligent Daylight Tracking” measures the intensity of ambient light and configures street lighting schedule dynamically to ensure street is lighted when the daylight level is below threshold due to fog, smoke, and any other environmental conditions while the lights remain switched off during bright daylight conditions.The Intelligent Street light is good for smart premises and Smart cities planning to deploy advanced, energy efficient lighting control strategy.

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