Octamotion Pick and Place Robotic Arm DIY Kit

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Key Features

  • 83 component Electromechanical All  Wheel Driven Robot DIY Kit.
  • Vehicle offers enough space for on-board mounting of  lead acid battery
  • Implements differential gear mechanism for turning
  • The structure is very robust with good load bearing capacity. 

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The Octamotion Robotic Arm DIY Kit is a manually controlled platform which uses 4-wheel all terrain locomotion. It is quite evident from the name that it will be used for pick & place operations, therefore it has a gripper with 6 Degree of freedom (DOF). The gear box is dominantly a mechanical assembly which uses a Worm gear assembly and hence can lift heavy loads. The platform is All  wheel driven wherein four high torque DC motors of 12V, 150 r.p.m. rating are used, additional two motors are used in the gear box and gripper assembly. You would require a M4 Nut spanner and 3mm Flat head screwdriver to assemble this Robotic vehicle which are included in the pack. A detailed step by step assembly process of the vehicle is provided in the video available in Watch Video section of this product.

In the Box:

Tools   : 1 x Taparia932 Screwdriver | 1 X M4 Nut Spanner

Kit Bag: 1 X 4-wheel Robot Jumbo Narrow Chassis | 6 x Geared DC Motor

               4 X Robot Tyre | 4 X Clamping Block | 4 X Base Plate | 2 X Worm

               3 X Worm Wheel Gear | 1 X Metal Shaft | 4 X Spacer | 2 X Gripper Plate

               4 X Double Hole Plate | 2 X Gripper Clip | 2 X Lever Plate

               1 X Gripper Mounting Plate | 15 X M4 Fastener 8mm | 15 X M4 Fastener 10mm

               10 X M4 Hex Nut | 2 X Locking Key

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