25 in 1 Advanced Soldering Kit

Product Code: PCB Workbench Kit

Key Features

  • Advanced Kit For Soldering Assignments And Projects
  • Comprises Of 25 Tools,Components & Accessories
  • Use it for electronic circuit assembly, soldering and testing.

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25 in 1 Advanced Soldering Kit offers tools and accessories required for electronic circuit prototyping, assembly, soldering and testing. This kit consists of 7 Hand Tools, 5 Soldering accessories, 4 Circuit Assembly Aids, 7 types of Components & Connectors, One General Purpose Circuit Board and One Bread Board. Hand Tools included are : Multimeter with Probes - use it for connectivity tests, current, voltage and resistance measurements and several other test and measurement functions; 25W Soldering Iron with soft grip, co-moulded handle and a fast heating tip; De-soldering pump - use it to remove excess solder or to desolder a component; Tweezer - use it to pick and place small components on the PCB or extract an IC from socket; Automatic Wire Stripper - handy for cutting or stripping connecting wires; Glue Gun - handy for insulating and strengthening metal joints; General Purpose Screwdriver; Soldering Accessories included are: Light weight Soldering Stand to hold the hot soldering iron while working; Cellulose sponge for cleaning the Soldering Iron tip during usage; 50g Solder wire with rosin flux core for forming soldering joints; 15g Solder Flux for application on joints before soldering to remove impurities and achieve good electrical connection at the joints on soldering; Glue Sticks which covert into molten glue when heated in the glue gun; Circuit Assembly Aids included are: 40 pin berg stick, 2 pin PBT connector, 2 dual AAA PCB mountable battery connectors; pack of 10 jumper wires ; pack of 5, 1/2mm multi-strand wires of different colors; pack of 3, 1/2mm single strand wires of different colors ; Commonly Used Electronic Components included are: RED LEDs, RGB LED, 0.1uF Ceramic capacitors, Buzzer ; Bread Board can be used for quick prototyping; General Purpose Board can be used for assembling circuit prototypes.

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